Viral Video of Fluffy Cotton-like Clouds in Argentina Leaves Internet Amazed

An unusual cloud formation in Argentina, which looked liked giant cotton balls, left locals stunned. The cloud formation phenomenon which is known as Mammatus clouds happened in the sky over Casa Grande, Cordoba. Mammatus basically refers to distinctive cloud formations that are separated by a bulge or protrusion emerging from the base of another cloud. Formations in Mammatus clouds usually happen at the base of large cumulonimbus clouds and are associated with thunderstorms. The presence of such clouds often indicates the arrival of heavy rain, lightning and even hailstorms.

In this case too, the cotton ball-like clouds indicated arrivals of a storm that hit the Argentinian town on the afternoon of November 13. A video of the incident was later shared on YouTube by ViralHog.

The breathtaking visuals of the cloud formation left netizens in awe. Majority of them claimed that they had never seen such cloud formation in their life.

“I’ve been on this planet nearly 40 years and I’ve never seen clouds like this,” wrote a user in his reaction. Another said that the clouds were so unusual that they almost look fake and wrote, “Almost looks fake. I know it’s not because I know clouds can do some crazy stuff.”

While some users pointed towards the uncanny resemblance of the cloud formation to marshmallows, others said that it looked like a scene from another planet.

People could not stop admiring the beauty of the cloud formations and said compared it with a paradise. Since being shared online, the video has received nearly 25,000 likes on YouTube.

This, of course, is not the first cloud formation to have left the netizens impressed. Earlier, a picture of a wavy cloud formation in the sky of Virginia, United States, created a stir on the internet. The breathtaking visuals of wavy cloud over a lush green campus received was quite popular on Facebook.

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