Viral Video: Turkish Chef Cuts Cucumber Under Water; Stuns The Internet

Social media is a one-stop place for everything. People showcase their talents, follow their passions, and document their journeys and whatnot. Among this pool of content, we often also encounter many bizarre things that sometimes confuse us. You might think, why do certain people try something like that, but for them, it could be a way to go viral. And more than often, these bizarre things attract millions of viewers. Recently, one such bizarre video of a Turkish chef, CZN Burak has been going viral. If you are thinking why, allow us to tell you; the chef was seen cutting cucumbers underwater! Yes, you heard us, right!

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Burak Ozdemir, also known as CZN Burak is a popular chef from Turkey who has attracted many people because of his cooking techniques. Over the years, the chef has gained 33 million followers with his videos. You can often see him play around with food and make big meal portions that too, in various locations! His recent stunt also made many heads turn. In a video he uploaded on Instagram, we could see him underwater with a chopping board, knife and cucumbers. The chef had his eyes opened and looked directly at the camera as he chopped away the cucumbers! Check it out here:

Ever since he uploaded the video, it has been viewed 26.2 million views, has two million likes and thousands of comments! Many people were amazed by his stunt. Someone wrote, “Burak, bro you are crazy.” Another person said, “Wow, how do you do these things?” A person also said, “Oh my God, this is crazy!”

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Adding to these comments, a user wrote, “Oh God! You are legendary Burak.”

Many people also called him “Man mermaid” and “Aquaman” in the comments! Others have reacted to the video by using emojis.

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