Viral Video: Woman Pranks Co-Workers With Box Of Doughnuts; Internet Is In Splits

April Fool’s Day is unanimously known for tomfoolery, hijinks, pranks and loads of laughter! It is the universally sanctioned day of fun when anybody can pull a prank and people would take it in good spirit! While the go-to pranks for this occasion are fart noises and prank calls, one woman decided to pull off a harmless prank on her co-workers that is so funny that we can’t help but laugh out loud! The now-viral video is serving as prank inspiration for people all across the world thanks to its simple nature and genius. If your co-worker brings a box of doughnuts to work, you’d expect the box would be filled with sweet, round doughnuts, right?! When this woman decided to bring the same to her co-workers, she added a hidden twist. Take a look:

As you can see, what the woman did was simple! She bought a salad platter from the local grocery store and placed it in the ‘Krispy Kreme’ doughnut box, creating the illusion that she brought a box of doughnuts for her co-workers. She even wrote ‘April Fools’ on the inside of the doughnut box!

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In the video, we saw one of the co-workers falling for the prank as well! A woman came to the break room to grab herself coffee and doughnuts and when she opened the box, she was disappointed to see the salad.

The video is by @michellesdeco and it was shared by @pubity on Instagram. The video has 8.5 million views and 525k likes.

Here’s what people commented about this hilarious video:

“Not gonna lie (sic), I’d rather have that than the donuts”

“How mean… Do it again next year”

“The way she walked off it was definitely a problem that she was going to bring up”

“The betrayal on her face.”

“This is wrong. But I’d still eat it”

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