Wait, What? Street Vendors Baby Shaped Dosa Scares The Internet

The internet never ceases to amaze us, particularly when it comes to culinary creativity. Many peculiar and bizarre dishes have emerged online that makes us look at the same thing more than twice. Whether it’s about creating a new dish or giving a spin to our favourite traditional recipes, these days, there is no dearth of such food combinations. However, no matter how many innovations food enthusiasts come up with, certain things take us back in surprise and make us question about it. One such video recently has been doing rounds on the internet. This time, it’s a video of a street vendor making a ‘children special dosa’ by making a face out of the dosa.

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In a recent video uploaded by food blogger @sab.chef, we could see a street vendor making this unique dosa. The video begins with him spreading the dosa batter on a hot tawa. Then after buttering it up, he cooks the dosa. As it cooks, he makes a ‘face’ out of the dosa by cutting it and giving the dosa eyes and a mouth. Once the dosa is ready, he folds it up and shows his creation. As per @sab.chef you can find this dosa at Khau Gali Dosa, Mehsana, Gujarat. Take a look at the video here:

Since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed 917K times, has 51.7K likes, and has several comments! Many people have said that this dosa looks like an ‘alien.’ One person wrote, “Koi mil gaya ka jadu hai ye to (This looks like Jadu from Koi Mil Gaya).” Another person said, “Mein toh isko dekh ke he dar gaya (I am scared just by seeing this dosa).”

A user even wrote, “Samaj nahi aa raha hai ki ye khana hai ya sajaana hai (I can’t tell if we have to eat this or decorate it).” One user also wrote, “Baby nahi alien lag raha hai (This doesn’t look like a baby, it looks like an Alien).”

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Many other users have also called it ‘Halloween dosa’ and said that it looks scary.

What are your thoughts on this unique dosa? Let us know in the comments below!


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