Warner says internet reforms needed to fight white supremacy online

WASHINGTON, DC (WDBJ) – U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) says the promotion of white supremacy on the internet must end.

In the wake of a mass shooting Saturday that killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York, Warner said he supports guard rails on social media companies to limit material that would be illegal in other forums.

Warner spoke with reporters from Washington during a teleconference Wednesday morning.

“What motivated this heinous crime in Buffalo was racism. We need to call it out,” Warner said. “And the idea of white supremacy groups being promoted oftentimes on the internet has to come to an end.”

“Many of these same activities that radicalized this shooter in Buffalo, if that same radicalization had been done through a newspaper or been done in tangible life or real life, many of these actions would have violated civil rights and other laws.”

Warner has introduced reforms in the past, and said efforts to call out racism and bigotry should have support from responsible members of both parties.

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