Watch: 3-Year-Old Identifies Indian Spices Like A Pro; Internet Calls Him A Star

Even after spending years in the kitchen, it is usual for many of us to get confused between ingredients, especially if they look alike. The difference between similar dals, for instance, still confuses us to this day! However, that’s not the case with this toddler here. A 3-year-old child, Abir, blew away our minds with his knowledge of spices and food items. He can be seen flawlessly naming different whole spices and even differentiating between lentils. His ease and confidence have put us to shame and how! The Instagram video was uploaded by Abir’s mother @sonikabhasin who is a low waste-living enthusiast and has taught Abir to love his time in the kitchen. The mother-son duo is often seen going about in the kitchen with Abir trying his hand on cooking, helping his mother cook, and learning the ropes of sustainable living.

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Out of the many adorable videos of Abir, the one that instantly caught our attention was where he can be seen naming spices and lentils with utter ease. He can be seen listing whole spices like bay leaf, black cardamom, green cardamom, cinnamon, etc. He can even differentiate between moong and toor dal and identify chana dal too. The video has garnered over 482k views, 40.7k likes, and 355 comments praising the child. Sonika has captioned the video, “Abir loves going to @adrish_lokhandwala to shop for groceries! And, of course, he knows all of them.” Take a look at the adorable video here:

The video has received many positive comments, some of which are:

“Such a star!”

“Too good…Happy to see a parent teaching their children…boys and girls alike to identify kitchen condiments and spices!!”

“Momma I am proud of you for introducing this gentleman to nature’s bounty”

“Proud of you, Abir!! This generation has hope”

“Love the way you are raising your kid. Thank you for bringing such change in the society”

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May viewers admitted to not knowing half of the ingredients and were shocked by Abir’s knowledge.

“I can’t show this video to my Mom, I still don’t know all spices”

“Great mujhe to ab thak chana aur toor ka difference nahi patha hai” (Great, I still don’t know the difference between chana and toor dal)

“Oh my god I don’t know the names as perfectly as Abir knows”

“Wow beta.. itna toh grown-ups ko bhi nahi pata. Lots of love to you little one (Wow, even the grown-ups don’t know all these names, lots of love to you little one.)

“Such a cutie!! He knows more lentils and masalas than I knew. I used to call them yellow and orange and black dal”

How many Indian spices could you identify when you were a child? Let u know in the comments below.


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