Watch: Chocolate Paan Meets Paan Ice-cream In This Fusion Dish; Internet Is Not Happy

Finishing a meal with paan is an age-old tradition that Indians all over the world practice till date! Typically, it is prepared by wrapping supari (areca nut), lime, loung (clove), mulethi (liquorice root), mint, gulkand, coconut, elaichi (cardamom) cherries and saunf in paan ka patta (betel leaf) and is often fed by the paanwala. The love for paan is evergreen, and people have been inspired by this delicacy to create new fusion dishes! Chuski paan, fire paan, paan ice cream and chocolate paan, these dishes are instances of the culinary creativity of Indian foodies. One culinary enthusiast decided to take a step further in the fusion world and decided to mix the two fusion paan dishes, chocolate paan and paan ice cream, to get a dessert that is beyond our imagination – chocolate paan ice cream roll! Take a look:

In the video, the vendor adds gulkand, betel leaf and liquid chocolate ice cream to an ice pan and then the vendor works his magic by cutting through the mixture and creating the ice cream roll. He tops the rolls off with some more gulkand. The video is uploaded by Instagram food blogger @thefoodieshub. It has garnered 773k thousand views and around 54k likes. You can find this fusion paan dessert at Raw Creams in Rohini, Delhi.

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Ice cream rolls, also known as stir-fried ice cream, is a sweet delicacy from Thailand. This desi paan twist on a Thai dessert is as fusion as any dish can be! However, the Indian audience was not impressed by this unique delicacy. In response to chocolate paan ice cream rolls, they criticised the need to combine too many flavours in one dish. One viewer was so offended after seeing this ice cream that he commented “Haath jod ke kehta hu door rho mere explore se”. Another person commented in agony “Why ?!? Just why”. Indians are not happy with this crossover of flavours.

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