Watch: Differently-Abled Indore Man Selling Tea Inspired The Internet With His Story

There is no doubt about the fact that the internet is full of possibilities. You can find whatever you want in just a second. And that’s not it; today, we see such an overflow of content that all kinds of things are just waiting for us on our explore pages. We have access to all kinds of stuff – from entertaining content, food videos, informational articles, to even inspiring stories of many people. So, thanks to social media, today, we get to see another inspiring story of a differently-abled tea seller from Indore. The hard work of this tea seller to earn a living has gained the attention of many people, who have applauded his efforts.

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In a video uploaded by food blogger @Youtubeswadofficial, we can see a tea seller in the middle of a market. The man called Ramesh has an amputated arm. In one of his hands, you can see him carrying a container full of tea, and in another hand, he has a bucket full of kulhad glasses. As per @youtubeswadofficial, Ramesh lost his hand in an accident. He sells the Kulhad chai in Sarafa Bazar, Indore, only for INR 10. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since this video was shared on social media, it has gained 487K views, 28.8K likes and hundreds of comments. One person wrote, “Salute. I wish that his every wish comes true.” Another person said, “Lots of wishes to this hardworking man.” Some user also added, “Now this is called hard work. Not like those people who are able to do anything but prefer begging. Salute to him.”

Many people have also asked for his contact details and wish to help him out. A user said, “Do you have his number and may be if we all can chip in and he could get an artificial limb?” Another user said, “We need to support these people. Please tell where to contact.”

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