Watch: Elephant herd wallows in muddy waters to beat the summer, internet approves

Now, a video shared by an Indian Forest Service officer (IFS) showing how elephants are “killing the heat” has been doing the rounds on the internet. 

In the 30-second clip, one can see a large gathering of elephants congregated near what looks like a small pond. The huge beasts, young as well as fully grown ones, are covered in mud and flapping their ears to cool their bodies. The calves are seen jostling about and laying down in the muddy water. 

Explaining this behaviour, IFS officer Parveen Kaswan wrote, “This is called as wallowing. Elephants love to do that. It keeps them cool. Elephants don’t have sweat glands but have high volume to surface area ratio and hence heat is generated. So heat dissipation in this manner or by flapping their ears is very important.” 

So far the clip has been viewed over 45,000 times. Commenting on the video, a Twitter user wrote, “Sight to behold !! What an honor and privilege to watch these gentle beings in their natural environment.. it’s so important for us to ensure their wellbeing.”

Another Twitter user remarked, “The small elephants 🐘 are so so cute. Melts the heart to watch them wallowing and having fun.”


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