Watch: Indian Artists Cooking Miniaturised Desi Food; Internet Is Impressed

The expression of creativity can exist in many forms, such as a painting, a sculpture and even food! People have redefined art itself, and food has become a popular medium of expression. The use of art to create visual marvels has increased, and today we encountered an Indian food artist who has changed how we look at food. Going by the name of @Minikitchenindia on Instagram, these artists have managed to miniaturise the entire process of cooking. Yes, you read it right! They use tiny utensils and ingredients to make food. From kadhai, stove, spoons, knife, name a utensil and they have a miniature version of it! It is almost therapeutic to see them make food in their tiny kitchen setup.

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In the video, we see a miniaturised version of a fully-functional pressure cooker. The artists uses it to boil actual dal. It is mesmerising to see them cook in such a way, and comical to see big hands using tiny objects! Then, the artists moves to the tadka preparation, showing all seasoning and ingredients being prepped using tiny utensils. The amount of time and effort it took them to prepare just a spoon full of dal is just mind-blowing! The video has garnered 340k views and 25k likes.

These artists have managed to make some of the most popular Indian dishes using their miniaturised style. From Rajasthani dal baati and Indo-Chinese spring roll to Western classic French fries, they have recreated them all. People are amazed by their creativity and talent! Here is what they have commented:

“How n where do u get these cute working vessels n equipment… I’m too intrigued”

“Working mini cooker!? Howw”

“Really proud of your content… Nobody has the mindset of doing something new and extraordinary”

“Spoon se bada to dal hai… pr bohot cutee.” (The pulse is bigger than the spoon! But very cute)

“Really hats off to you and your team”

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