Watch: Mumbai Woman Starts Her Restaurant With Just INR 2500; Inspires Internet

To see someone defeat the odds motivates us to do the same and work hard. And, with motivation, people can achieve the impossible. We have found one such story that will humble and inspire us at the same time! A woman from Mumbai had the dream to have her own restaurant, and after working hard for years, she finally was able to achieve it. The awe-inspiring story of Sangeeta’s Kitchen started with just INR 2500. She really wanted to start her own restaurant, but she didn’t have the capital for it. The lack of money didn’t stop her from living her dreams.

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Sangeeta along with her husband only had INR 2500 in savings. After taking loans from their friends, they finally had the ability to start their own small restaurant – Sangeeta’s Kitchen. Using the earnings from the restaurant, they even paid back the loans! Sangeeta suffered major burns on her hands and legs in her restaurant, but she didn’t stop working. The restaurant sells a variety of thali for people to enjoy. Take a look:

Before she started the restaurant, Sangeeta started her food career by selling rotis. Then, she opened a tiffin service, a small-scale business that is extremely popular in Mumbai. By saving money through her tiffin service, she moved on to having a vada pav stall and now even a small restaurant! The video was uploaded by YouTube-based food blogger “Swad Official” and it has garnered 144k views and 5k likes.

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People were extremely inspired by the hard work. Here is what a few people said about the venture:

“Truly inspirational story of Sangeeta Madam. Every upcoming small business runner can take a lesson from this lady. She has vision of being successful business runner. Thank you very much for such an inspirational video.”

“They both are real heroes and it feels so good watching someone growing. God bless them”

“Food is delicious, homemade food outside home, and this couple is very sweet and friendly. God bless them”

“God bless you Sangeeta aunty, Hats off to her spirit and hard work.”

“I have eaten their food, they are very honest and hardworking people.”

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