Watch: Nagpurs “Superfast” Tarri Samosa Impresses Internet; Video Goes Viral

India has an extensive range of street foods and there’s no denying it. From panipuri and aloo tikki to egg roll and chowmein – options are many, leaving us spoilt for choices. In fact, every nook and corner of the country has some really fascinating dishes that instantly tug at heartstrings. And if you explore in-depth, you will also find people doing different types of experimentations with these street foods to only make them taste better (at least, most of the time!). Some of them also go viral on the internet. Let’s agree, the internet is loaded with different food videos that grab our attention every now and then. Recently, we came across one such video, featuring a samosa stall from Nagpur selling tarri samosa. What made this video yet special are the skill and speed of the samosa seller. He was literally preparing batches of tarri samosa in seconds. The video was uploaded by food vlogger Amar Sirohi, on his YouTube channel ‘Foodie Incarnate’.

In the 24-second video, we could see the samosa seller breaking samosas in ‘katoris’ and then adding chhole, gravy, matar, onion etc to it. And in a blink of an eye, these tarri samosas were sold to people who were waiting in queue to enjoy this delicacy. “This samosa is made and also sold in just no time. Here almost 20 plates of samosas are sold in a minute,” Amar Sirohi was heard saying.

Take a look at the complete video:

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The video has gone viral on YouTube, garnering more than 1.2 million views and hundreds of comments.

“Wow this is really MASS,” wrote one. Another comment read, “Pichle 20 saal se me yaha regularly kha rha hu, it’s amazing (I have been eating here for last 20 years. It’s amazing).

“Speed bhi jyda hai aur taste to amazing hai (Alongside the speed, the dish tastes amazing too),” a third comment read.

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