Watch: Old Indian woman doing military press leaves internet in awe

A video of an elderly woman doing military press, with two barbells on each side, effortlessly, has taken the internet by storm.
The video was posted by an account called Punjabi Industry on Instagram and has gone viral, garnering more than 8,000 views and 500 likes.
In the video, she does a single overhead lift, casually, without support from anyone. She then retains the pose for a few seconds, before putting the rod down, leaving people around her impressed.
The video is apparently recorded by a boy who seems totally surprised by the woman’s ability to lift heavy weights.

The woman’s identity remains unknown, but people have been completely bowled over by her strength, willpower and fitness at such an old age.
A video of an elderly woman doing overhead press could just be the Monday motivation you needed to get going this week.


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