Watch: Sweet Lassi Made With Chocolate And Green Chillies Has The Internet Amazed

What happens when two of your favourite foods are combined together in one? You get dishes like tandoori momos, butter chicken khichdi, Maggi Manchurian and more. Thanks to the culinary experimentation of foodies all around the world, we have received wonderful recipes that have become an irreplaceable part of our cuisine. The creativity of a few has managed to satisfy the foodie dreams of many! In an attempt to search for something unique and delicious, we have found a US-based Indian food blogger who is trying to bring together the American flavours to our Indian cuisine. This blogger decided to experiment with the beloved methi lassi and the result is chocolatey goodness. We have all heard of mango lassi and strawberry lassi, but have you heard of Toblerone lassi? Take a look

In the video, the food blogger takes one cup of plain yogurt, one cup of whole milk and one tablespoon of milk powder in a blender. He also adds a de-seeded green chilli that is dipped in honey. Lastly, he adds a generous amount of the Toblerone chocolate and blends it till the chocolate is completely mixed in the drink. The video has garnered 359k views and around 20k likes.

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While the idea of adding green chillies to a sweet lassi might be revolting for many, the honey-coated green chilli doesn’t make the Toblerone lassi spicy. Adding green chillies is a signature style for this food blogger whose handle on Instagram is @chillipeppercooks. If you plan on trying out this recipe, you can easily skip the green chilli and just add plain honey instead.

People on the internet are quite amazed by this interesting food combination. The thought of chocolate inside lassi would have never crossed a person’s mind, but to see how this dream team looks like makes people want to try this lassi at home. Would you be interested in trying out this Toblerone lassi? Do tell us in the comments section below!


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