Watch: Video Shows Husband Sharing Food With Wife; Internet Calls Him An Angel, Heres Why

They say ‘sharing is caring’, but, enter your favourite food into the scenario and it instantly makes you want to care less, isn’t it? Alas! The ‘I don’t care enough to share my food’ attitude doesn’t work with everyone. For instance, babies. With their adorable twinkling eyes, they look at the food in your hand with a longing look and you have no choice but to melt into a puddle and give up even your favourite food for them. Next come in our spouses, or our ‘better halves’ as we call them. We do love these people dearly and have no choice but to share our food with them, on a daily basis. An adorable video on Instagram shows the similar plight of a husband who has to share food with his wife, even if it is unwillingly.

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Carlo and Sarah are an Italian-American couple that have been documenting the journey of their married life for the past few years. They have been part of many viral videos and are adorable together! Carlo is often seen calling Sarah ‘my love’ and has won many hearts because of his love for his wife. However, the most recent video on their timeline made people call him an angel, because of the way he unwillingly gives up his food after Sarah asks for it. Anyone who doesn’t like sharing food will relate to Carlo’s expression and even feel a tiny bit sad for him. The adorable video has garnered over 1.7 mil views, 89.6k likes, and 1192 comments. Take a look at the video here:

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Carlo’s expression won over the internet and many left comments praising his act. Some of the most relatable and funny comments left on the video are:

“Carlo is like- this is my life. I chose this.”

“I think I speak for everyone when I say Carlo is all of our husbands”

“He is annoyed but still gives it to her. That’s love”

“OMG he’s one in a million”

“This man is a living saint”

“His face looks so much like “if u must” after you asked if you can have it”

“That’s so sweet! My husband would say “just one bite”

“Every woman should use this as a test to see if their significant other is the one. If they give you their food, they are.”

“I don’t care how much I love someone…my food is mine lol I’ll buy you your own or whatever but these are fighting words”

“Yeah my love don’t worry (even if he is pissed because you are stealing the best part) This.Is.Love”

What would you do if your significant other asks for the best part of your dish? Will you share it with them? Let us know in the comments below.


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