Wedding Guest Served Only Greens And Fruit For Vegan Meal; Internet Is Disappointed

In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of people adopt a vegan diet. Some people make the switch for environmental or ethical reasons, while others do so to live a healthier lifestyle. While making an entirely new change in the lifestyle can be difficult, the benefits of a high-fruit and vegetable diet outweigh the challenges. However, even though the world sees a significant shift towards a vegan diet, not everyone has adapted to it. For some, making those changes can be difficult, and others might not make much effort to learn about it. One such instance of not making an effort came to light recently when a wedding guest posted about their vegan meal.

In a post put up by Twitter user @nerdzrope, we can see her vegan meal at a wedding. Unfortunately, the meal only included a handful of greens and two slices of fruits topped with balsamic vinegar. Take a look at it here:

Ever since this post was uploaded, it has been liked 3667 times and has received a lot of comments from unhappy people. Many people said that this meal looks ‘very disappointing.’ Twitter users have also pointed out how many caterers don’t even want to try and learn about veganism. Many other people have also shared similar stories of vegan meals at weddings.

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One person wrote, “That’s embarrassing, and in Manhattan no less. I’ve worked in catering a long time and we ALWAYS bring a vegan option for plated dinners. Successful catering is all about proper planning and this screams ‘afterthought’. What a failure smdh.”

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Another person wrote, “Most weddings I attended had a buffet and my experience was: there is always something… Two years ago, it happened to me that the only option was dry bread.” A user also added, “Man I’d have just left. When you consider how much weddings cost, venues are really lazy at catering for the guests with specific requirements. It’s not hard to make amazing vegan food, as was proven by the last wedding I attended. Was made to feel very special.”

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