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The internet isn’t a one-way street. You may spend most of your time downloading or streaming content, but you also need to upload data when joining a video call, sharing files, or gaming. Reasonable upload speeds help define a “fast” internet connection, but frustratingly, Spectrum doesn’t tell customers its upload speeds during the signup process.

We’re not sure why Spectrum hides its upload speeds. You can only find this data in the company’s Modem Policy—yeah, that’s a head-scratcher.

Here are the maximum upload speeds for each Spectrum internet plan:

  • Spectrum Internet ($74.99): 200 Mbps x 10 Mbps
  • Spectrum Internet Ultra ($95.99): 400 Mbps x 20 Mbps
  • Spectrum Internet Gig ($114.99): 1 Gbps x 35 Mbps
  • Spectrum Internet Assist ($17.99): 30 Mbps x 4 Mbps

Spectrum states that all of its internet plans have an average 26ms of latency. Bear in mind that speed and latency data reflects wired internet speeds, not Wi-Fi. And as always, real-world performance will vary between each home.

I should also note that Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Internet Gig offer half the listed download speed in select regions. These plans may be capped at 100M bps and 500 Mbps download speeds depending on where you live (upload speeds are unaffected).

Ignoring the ultra-slow Internet Assist plan, these upload and download speeds are pretty average. You should be able to join a video call at 1080p resolution with 10 Mbps upload speeds, so long as your internet isn’t strained by roommates, family members, or smart home devices.


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