What parents should know about Kik Messenger, internet safety

Time and again Kik Messenger use has been mentioned in connection to recent court cases involving the sharing of files containing child pornography, and it might serve as reminder to parents of the dangers of the internet and different applications that their children might use.  

The most recent example is an Aberdeen man who was sentenced to 20 years in prison relating to a federal child pornography charge.

Charles Chambers, 35, received the sentence as a result of activity on his Kik Messenger account. Chambers accessed hundreds of files containing child pornography on his account, according to a news release about his sentencing in federal court. 

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The messaging app has been plagued for years by the dangers it poses to children. Recently, two Sioux Falls police officers, Luke Schauer and Alan Jock, were arrested on child pornography charges. Schauer faces a federal charge, while Jock’s are at the state level.  


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