Why Denny’s New Robot Waiter Has The Internet Divided

As reported by Futurism, not everyone is on board with the idea of getting robots to serve them at popular restaurants. One of the most highly rated comments on TikTok pointed out that tipping will probably not be a thing in a such a setting. Another commenter wrote that they would stay away from such an eatery because it wouldn’t have people. Someone else said, “This is sad. But yet they give machines the jobs they take from citizens.”

Others were more optimistic about the idea. One Redditor said that this is actually pretty cool, adding that it’s unlikely robots will replace human servers entirely. They also said that servers need to be paid better. Another Redditor noted that servers would still take care of other responsibilities, such as clearing tables and loading them with dishes. Another person on the thread had a more pressing issue in mind: “How long before the Karens start pushing them over?”


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