Why Netflix’s Old Enough Has The Internet So Divided

Many viewers of “Old Enough!” worry that the children are not, in fact, old enough to do the chores and tasks that are assigned to them. Although Netflix labeled the show as “wholesome,” some Twitter users reportedly believe the series is dangerous to young children. One Twitter user responded incredulously to a tweet by Netflix about the series. @MzTeel asked, “Why is Netflix promoting negligence and child endangerment?” Some Twitter users replied in agreement with this user’s shock. “Letting a tiny child do what this child is doing is dangerous,” @ginger_nick said. “Bugger how good the drivers are.”

However, a differently-minded set of Twitter users pointed out that this could be an issue of cultural differences. According to these people, young children accomplish chores like this in many countries around the world. One Twitter user noted that Japan’s cities are considered quite safe. “Japan is much more safer and the toddlers have been supervised by the camera crew the whole time,” @Josi802 said. “Cities are built for safety. Moreover, the whole city/town watched the kids when they walked around so they felt safe, don’t worry.”

In an article about the series, The Guardian pointed out that a child’s self-confidence grows when they complete chores, something which may, in fact, explain part of the show’s appeal.


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