Why Season 2 Will Break The Internet

With the new Jujutsu Kaisen movie breaking records in Japan and set to have a huge release in the United States in March, many are excited not just for Jujutsu Kaisen 0, but excited for what Season 2 has in store. If the movie is any indicator of how much hype surrounds Jujutsu Kaisen, then Season 2 is sure to be a massive success no matter what. Despite the hype, Season 2 will break the internet on its own because of the different arcs, twists, and characters that are guaranteed to show up.


For fans who have read the manga, Season 2 will likely cover the longest, brutalist, and deadliest arc known as the “Shibuya Incident Arc.” Beyond just this rollercoaster of an arc, there is interesting world building, and incredibly interesting and oftentimes important characters who are introduced to shake up the lives of our main protagonists. Here’s a sneak peek at Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen and how its upcoming events will absolutely break the internet.

Warning: This Contains Spoilers For the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Gojou’s Flashback Arc


Ever wonder what Gojou “The Strongest” Satoru was like as a Jujutsu High schooler? Well thanks to a flashback arc courtesy of Gojou taking a nap and dreaming of the past, fans get to see exactly how Gojou became the strongest shaman as well as how some other major characters ended up where they are now.

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During this time fans get the veil lifted on who and what Tengen-sama, the barrier creator, really is. It is revealed that Tengen-sama is not only immortal thanks to his cursed technique, but that in order to maintain his humanity he must merge with a specific human vessel every few hundred years. With that, fans see Gojou and his partner Suguru Geto, before his transformation into the villain seen in Season 1, tasked with finding, guarding, and delivering the girl who will be Tengen’s next human vessel to merge with.

On this mission, fans see Gojou’s insanely overpowered techniques perfected thanks to a deadly interaction with Megumi Fushiguro’s dad, Toji. His introduction is likely to be one that makes fans go crazy thanks to his attractive character design and calm nature. Toji’s bound to be another shonen dad that everyone falls in love with. Beyond his looks and demeanor though, Toji is the only person who ever comes close to killing Gojou, even going so far as to stab him in the neck with a cursed knife. The fights and dialogue between these two will surely make a huge impact and start this season off with a huge bang.

Before this flashback arc ends though, fans will also bear witness to the downfall of Suguru Geto and understand why he switches sides. With him being the voice of reason to Gojou’s scary power, it’ll be heartbreaking to see one of the few people Gojou saw as a friend become one of his greatest enemies.

Pre-Shibuya Incident Arc

Jujutsu Kaisen Mechamaru

Back in the present-day, the events that lead up to the “Shibuya Incident” are an awesome appetizer to the twists in the plot and the carnage in the action soon to come. Fans find out that Mechamaru, the puppet wielding mastermind of the Kyoto sister school, is actually a mole. The human behind Mechamaru, 2nd year Kokichi Muta, is shown to be truly confined to a bath of medicine and bound by tubes keeping him alive.

However, in order to escape this state of constant physical pain and restraint and join his other classmates, it’s revealed Muta made a binding vow agreement with Geto and Mahito for information in exchange for Mahito fixing his physical body. Despite the arrangement being seen through to the end, both parties intended to kill each other the second the binding vow’s requirements were met. With Muta and his hundreds of Mechamaru’s defeated in a harrowing battle, fans follow Geto and Mahito into the arc that is sure to shake up the entire anime world: the “Shibuya Incident” Arc.

The “Shibuya Incident” Arc

shibuya incident_edited

Finally, what will surely be the largest chunk of Season 2, the “Shibuya Incident” Arc will not only supply fans with a crazy story full of iconic moments, but animation studio powerhouse MAPPA is sure to deliver some of their best animation ever here. Without having to explain every minute detail of the entire arc, let’s go over some of the key moments that are sure to be legendary in the anime adaptation.

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Before getting to some matchups, let’s talk about some of the characters we meet, and those who really shine. There are a lot of new faces on both sides during this arc, and plenty of returning ones, however, some characters are given more screen time than others. A few that really will stand out are Toji, who makes an appearance thanks to a possession cursed technique, Jogo, the volcano head cursed spirit, Choso, the eldest brother of the blood-wielding curse spirits from the end of Season 1, Nanami, the ex-Jujutsu Sorcerer who helps Yuji fight Mahito in Season 1, Dagon, the cursed spirit whose domain is where fans see Geto and Mahito hangout on the beach, and finally Sukuna.

With so many moving pieces in this arc MAPPA definitely has their work cut out for them, but seeing as how they did every fight in Season 1 justice, let’s take a peer ahead at some matchups fans can look forward to. Very early on fans get to see why exactly Gojou is considered the best, in his fight against Mahito, Jogo, Choso, and Hanami. With his 0.2 second domain expansion, the audience will be treated to a moment similar to the goose-bump-inducing “Hollow Purple” scene in Season 1.

infinity jujutsu kaisen gojo anime

Toji also gets two major fights, the first being with the special-grade curse Dagon, and the second with his son Megumi Fushiguro. His entrance into the fight with Dagon is sure to be pleasing as fans will get to see several big-name characters struggling to handle cursed spirit. Toji basically swoops in and single-handedly destroys Dagon then immediately targets Fushiguro. The fight between these two is one-sided until Toji regains his humanity and ends his own life in favor of Megumi.

The last major mention has to be Sukuna’s rampage. Once awakened, Sukuna begins to just wipe out major parts of the city, sorcerers, and cursed spirits alike. His fight with Jogo and the shikigami Mahoraga will certainly be a sight to behold. The latter is even more spectacular because it’s the first fight where fans see Sukuna actually analyze his opponent and even struggle, if only for a brief moment.

When Is Season 2 Coming Out

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With the worldwide hype surrounding this fast-paced, violent shonen, fans can rest assured that Season 2 will be announced soon. For now, fans can sit back and enjoy the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie and keep the anticipation for all the wild things yet to come in Season 2 fresh in our minds. When this arc finally does hit the screens of anime lovers everywhere, we’re sure to see the internet catch fire with praise and love for Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is set to release in the US March 18th 2022.

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