Why The Internet Can’t Stop Talking About Lupita Nyong’o’s Viral Oscars Moment

Moments after the Will Smith and Chris Rock altercation, Twitter became flooded with reactions from celebs and viewers alike. Some people joked about the whole incident, while others believe Smith went too far. But what really had people talking was Lupita Nyong’o’s reaction to the ordeal. The “Black Panther” actress happened to be sitting right behind Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith when everything turned sour. As Smith screams “Keep my wife’s name out of your f****** mouth,” to Rock on stage, Nyong’o can be seen in the background with quite a few animated facial expressions.

Her reactions were almost instantly meme-ified as many found her expressions to be hilarious. One user wrote alongside the viral video of Nyong’o, “Lupita Nyongo [sic] in this whole will smith thing went through the entire range of emotions sitting there. She had like 8 wholly different reactions in like 5 seconds.” Another joked Nyong’o’s reaction was worthy of an award and wrote, “And the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress goes to @Lupita_Nyongo.” Someone else also praised Nyong’o and tweeted, “I think we all need to praise the great @Lupita_Nyongo for outwardly expressing what everyone felt watching this train wreck.” Lastly, one Twitter user out Nyong’o iconic reaction simply and added, “The facial expression by @Lupita_Nyongo is priceless. You can’t make this stuff up…”


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