Why The Reverse Cut Crease Trend Is Taking Over The Internet

If the cut crease beauty trend is a classic, the reverse cut crease trend is the newer and contemporary way to wear the same trend but with a few changes. It first went viral in late 2021 when London-based makeup artist Ana Takahashi created it where she used brown eyeshadow to cut the crease and used white eyeshadow above the crease and under the eyebrow (via Nylon). She also added white eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten the look. When she shared the look on Instagram, which got over 27,000 likes, she inspired other makeup artists to recreate the look in different colors. 

It was soon followed by a content creator in Denmark, Freja Bermann, who posted her take on the “retro” trend in mint green and brown because it was nostalgic of the ’90s, and a UK-based influencer Chelsea Uchenna did it in pink and yellow, per Allure. The look has inspired makeup lovers to experiment with this trend in unique colors. It is a modern take on the classic with an edgier vibe. This look is bold, and once you learn about it, we are sure you are going to want to try it. You can add a little oomph to the inverted cut crease with any color your little heart desires.


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