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CHARLOTTE — A woman told Action 9 she was moving to another state and gave her cable company its equipment back, but she said the company kept billing her anyway — and even turned her bill over to collections.

“I thought that canceled my service,” Tammy Perrone said.

“Thought” is the key word. Perrone said she used to live in Charlotte and when she was moving to Nashville, Tennessee, she wanted to cancel her Spectrum internet. She turned in her equipment, but that didn’t mean she had cut ties completely.

“I was like, ‘why am I getting another bill?’”

Perrone said Spectrum sent her another bill for $80 and that she paid it, but complained. She told Stoogenke she kept getting the runaround and kept getting bills each month. She said she refused to pay those other bills and that Spectrum turned her case over to collections.

“I was furious,” Perrone said. “I was just beside myself because I have never had a collection agency call me.”

That’s when she emailed Action 9, and Action 9 emailed Spectrum.

Less than a day later, the company responded. It didn’t explain what the issue was, but said it reached out to Perrone and both sides agreed: The problem was resolved.

“I am so thankful that you guys got involved because, had I not called you guys or emailed you guys, I would still be fighting the collection agency to clear my name,” she said.


  • If you want to cancel any service or subscription — no matter what company you’re dealing with — don’t just turn your equipment in. Make sure you explicitly say you’re canceling your account.
  • Don’t be too subtle. If you can, get it in writing.

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