Woman’s Creative “Selfie Cake” Blows Internet Away

'This Is Insane': Woman's Creative 'Selfie Cake' Blows Internet Away

Natalie Sideserf’s hyper-realistic cake has taken the internet by storm.

If you have a sweet tooth, this video and the artist’s talent will definitely delight you. Natalie Sideserf, a cake artist, has baked a hyper-realistic cake modeled after herself from the neck up.

A video of the “selfie cake” has been posted by Ms Sideserf on the Instagram handle of her cake studio Sideserf Cakes.

“Hope you’re having a weird Monday!” she said in the caption of the post, which has been viewed more than two million times.

The short video she has posted on the Instagram handle shows the young cake artist holding the cakes in different positions, first in front of herself to give an impression that it is indeed her face and then holding it to her right.

A piece is seen removed from the forehead of her creation, making you realise that it indeed is a cake.

Ms Sideserf’s creativity is being lauded by the internet.

“This is insane,” said one of the users on Instagram. “My god the eyes,” added another.

“To be able to make a cake look exactly like yourself is insane. So much talent!!!” said a third user.

Sideserf Cakes also has a website and social media handles, where the artist keeps posting videos of her creation and talks about how to get into making hyper-realistic cakes.

Last month, fashion food artist from Los Angles Ruby Perman created a portrait of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch using cucumbers and calls it “Benedict CUCUMBERbatch”.

She used bits and pieces of cucumber to make a marvellous suit to dress the actor’s caricature in.

The post went viral on Instagram, with over 4.5 million views and 433k likes.

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