Woman’s ‘Ungrateful’ Reaction to Fiance’s Engagement Ring Divides Internet

A newly married woman has divided opinion on TikTok after posting a video revealing how she told her fiance that she didn’t like the engagement ring he had bought her.

While some brides may pine for an extravagant ring, research suggests going large on an engagement ring doesn’t necessarily equate to a happy marriage.

A study conducted by academics from Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and Emory University, found men who spent between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring had a higher rate of divorce (around 1.3 times) compared to those spending $500 to $2,000.

Over 3,000 ever-married adults in the U.S. were quizzed as part of the research, which also highlighted the dangers of being too frugal when it comes to buying a ring with those who spent less than $500 on a ring also experiencing higher rates of divorce.

Even if the would-be groom does hit that sweet spot when it comes to how much they spend on the ring, there are other pitfalls to the process too – as a video shared to TikTok by beefinnagain demonstrated. It can be watched here.

In the clip, a woman known only as Britney detailed how she broke the news to her fiance, Patrick, that she did not like the engagement ring he had bought for her. While her story had a happy ending of sorts – Patrick and Britney have been married for four years now – it proved quite awkward at the time.

According to Britney, she had her heart set on a halo ring – the name given to a specific design of wedding ring that features a ring of smaller diamonds encircling a large center stone.

However, Patrick must have missed the memo because he ended up getting her a solitaire engagement ring. Though she was able to feign delight when he first presented her with the ring, that soon changed when she spoke to friends and family

“Everyone who I was close to knew that I wanted a halo,” she explained on the video. “When they saw the ring, specifically my mom, she was like, ‘How do you like the ring?’ I just balled. ‘I hate it. I don’t know what to do. It’s not what I wanted.'”

Possible Upgrade

Her mom was initially able to quell her concerns by suggesting she could always “get an upgrade” to mark their fifth anniversary. Both her parents also urged her not to ask Patrick to replace the ring and she agreed – but it didn’t last.

Whenever someone asked her about her engagement and the ring, she said she would pretend to be happy and then later go to her room and cry. She said after a week of constant questions and demands to see the ring she was “over it” and decided to ask him to replace it.

Calling him up one Friday she explained she need to talk to him “about the ring” explaining: “I love you a lot and I love that you took the effort to pick this out and this isn’t something that needs to be addressed right now but I really just want to be honest with you and transparent.”

“I really don’t like the ring,” she told him. “It’s not what I wanted.” She told him it had been “really hard” to “fake” liking it. Thankfully, Patrick’s response to her blunt honesty was “so nice” with Britney’s fiance suggesting there and then that they just “return it” and it was “no big deal.”

Ultimately, a few months later she got the ring she wanted and the pair were wed, but despite Patrick’s understanding, many on social media expressed surprise and disappointment at Britney’s response.

Charlotte Rose commented: “When the ring is more important than the guy. I feel super bad for him.” Mommylinny agreed, writing: “Love is more important.”

Kentucky_mom2 said: “I couldn’t imagine telling my partner I hated a ring they chose for me. I’d appreciate the effort and wear it proudly” while evii_1818 said: “Well this marriage is off to a great start… NOT.”

However, some sided with Britney.

Theemmybear wrote: “If you’re going to wear something on your hand forever, it only matters what YOU think about it” with Holland Haag adding: “Y’all saying it’s better to LIE FOR YEARS, rather than utilizing a return policy.”

Olivia Hatton was similarly supportive, commenting: “This is called a mature relationship and if someone can’t do this then you shouldn’t be getting married,” while Gianna Doll responded: “she’s allowed to have taste it’s not that deep.”

Newsweek has contacted beefinnagain for comment.

A woman with a wedding ring.
A file photo of a woman with a wedding ring – a woman has divided opinion after detailing how she told her fiance she hated her engagement ring.
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