Wordle and the future of the internet’s favorite word game

A simple word game has taken the internet by storm.

But now that the New York Times owns the game, can the wonder of Wordle last?

Today, On Point: What is it about Wordle? How did the simple game charm so many, and will the wonder last?


Jonathan Knight, general manager of games at the New York Times. (@jk00)

Ian Bogost, game designer and director of the film and media studies program at Washington University in St. Louis. (@ibogost)

Katy Pearce, associate professor in the department of communication at the University of Washington. (@katypearce)

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Penny Pexman, professor of psychology at the University of Calgary. (@PennyPexman)

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The Daily Beast: “Are Puzzles Like Wordle and Scrabble Good for Your Brain?” — “In recent weeks, a web-based word puzzle called Wordle has become a popular daily distraction. Suddenly, millions of people are focused on their vocabulary of five-letter words and are newly aware of concepts like letter frequency and letter position as they strategize about the best opening words and faster solutions.”


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