Yes, Oscar Isaac Can Pull Off a Skirt & the Internet Agrees

There’s nothing Oscar Isaac can’t do, and that apparently extends to his wardrobe. The versatile actor, who’s kicking off his Moon Knight press tour this week, showed fans that he can rock both a suit – as he did for a red carpet – and a skirt, and look perfectly comfortable and put together in both looks.

We’re fans of the suit, we’re not going to deny it, but there’s something about the casual biker meets preppy look of his more daring look that is working for us too. Perhaps it’s the leather jacket, band tee and loafers that go with the grey skirt. Maybe it’s just that it’s Isaac, and he can do no wrong in our eyes. Maybe it’s all of it.

The internet, as pretty much anytime we discuss Isaac, agreed with our assessment:

And of course, because fans remember everything, there were quite a few people pointing out this is not the first time we’ve seen Isaac wearing and rocking a skirt. Though his latest outfit does seem like an escalation. We’ve gone from casual skirt to not quite-formal skirt, but somewhere in the middle

Either way, the skirt works for Isaac. The suit works for Isaac. And, as the star promotes Moon Knight, which is set to premiere later this month, we’re sure to see more amazing looks that we’re sure will work for him too. And we will enjoy them all and say thank you, same as we will with the content of Moon Knight

Because Oscar Isaac can do it all, and we can appreciate it all.



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