Yoga Moms, Stoners and God: 51 Things the Internet Predicted Would Save the Democratic Party

As the midterm campaign enters the final stretch, Democrats are no longer swimming in desperation. You can tell the mood has lightened because the White House has fully embraced the Twitter surge of corny Dark Brandon memes. It’s a notable shift after months of Democratic despair over grim poll numbers and grimmer election prospects.

What happened, mostly, is that the repeal of Roe v. Wade shook a lot of voters up, and Democrats found a way to unstick Joe Biden’s agenda on Capitol Hill.

What did not happen is the party’s embrace of the many, many, many pieces of advice being proffered in its darkest moments. The Democrats’ struggles over the past year were met with an overwhelming (if predictable) barrage of suggestions from political professionals, political junkies and just about anyone with a take they’d like to sling.


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