Is this a chocolate or yellow cake? A tweet sparks an internet debate

Figuring this out is no piece of cake.

A heated dispute has erupted on Twitter over whether a cake is named for the cake or the frosting on it.

“Okay I’m bringing my family debate to twitter. lol One half thinks you describe the flavor of a cake based on the icing while the other half thinks it’s based on the actual cake itself,” someone wrote alongside a photo of a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

“Please help me settle this … is this a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake? Lol.”

At the whisk — err, risk — of starting an all-out war, the matter has baked up strong feelings from people, with some pointing to the idea that cake names have a geographic logic.

“Yellow cake with chocolate frosting if you aren’t Southern. Chocolate cake if you are,” someone wrote.

“You should also know that in other English-speaking countries we do not name cakes by color, only by flavor,” another person commented.

“So there’s no yellow cake / white cake nonsense. There’s Victoria sponge, lemon cake, chocolate cake, coffee cake (that’s coffee flavor, not to eat with coffee), etc.”

Some people have even gone so far as to point out that there’s a blurred line between the definition of icing versus frosting.

“Even more oddly, it’s a yellow cake, and it’s got chocolate frosting, not icing,” one person pointed out.

“What flavor is yellow? Vanilla, I guess, right? And what’s the difference between frosting and icing? No idea! Why do we make things so hard to describe?”

Of course, maybe we’re all just overthinking the entire issue.

“let me just say this: do you call it red velvet cake or cream cheese cake?” one person wrote, trying to slam the door on discussion.


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