Jeff Bezos’ Prediction About Our Future In Space Has The Internet Talking

After Jeff Bezos shared where and how he thinks humans will live in the future, the internet started filling up with opinions on the topic. “I fully support Jeff Bezos relocating to outer space and only visiting Earth periodically,” wrote one person, who is apparently not a fan of the entrepreneur, on Twitter. Some Twitter users discussed how “technology keeps evolving,” with one tweet reading, “Never say never, I guess. Just not likely for generations.”

While there are those who dream of flying out into outer space, the thought frightens others. “I’m not going to space,” stated another tweet. “I can barely handle a ride at Six Flags!” And, of course, some social media users wondered if this would affect their online shopping habits, as seen in this example from Twitter: “If manufacturing is done on space colonies, will we still get two-day shipping?”

At the forum, Bezos touched upon his trip to space in July, too. “The magnitude of that experience was so much bigger than I could have ever anticipated. It really is such a change in perspective that shows you in a very powerful and emotional way, just how fragile this Earth is. I wish everyone could have that perspective” (via The Business Standard).


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