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A longtime Lincoln internet company appears to be having serious problems.

Numerous customers were reporting issues accessing their email through Internet Nebraska over the weekend.

In posts to social media and internet chat sites and in emails to the Journal Star, customers reported that Internet Nebraska’s email server went down sometime Saturday, and the company was not responding to calls or emails.

Switchover leaves Internet Nebraska customers without service

Some speculated that the company had gone out of business, although its email service had again become accessible on Sunday.

On Monday, Internet Nebraska had a voicemail message mentioning the email server outage that said, “we are working to resolve this as fast as possible.” It did not respond to messages left seeking comment.

Email and other technical issues appear to be an ongoing problem with the company over the past year. The Better Business Bureau reports 15 complaints just in the past 12 months and gives Internet Nebraska an “F” rating. There have apparently been multiple service outages over the past year.

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In addition to the email issue, Internet Nebraska also has a message on its website saying it is no longer offering DSL internet service.

“If you are an Internet Nebraska DSL customer, we have some unfortunate news. Internet Nebraska is no longer able to provide DSL service to customers, and we urge you to find another service provider as soon as possible,” the post reads. “We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.”


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