‘Maroon hat or green hat?’: Internet finds its new ‘dress’, viral video leaves people scratching their heads

It seems we are seeing ‘the dress’ frenzy all over again. This time, it is all about the colour of a woollen hat that has divided the internet, with one half claiming it is green while the other has nary a doubt that it is maroon. It all started after content creator Otelia Carmen shared a puzzling video of a hat changing colour. The optical illusion has left the internet wondering where the truth lies.

She said that she thought she had bought a green hat, only to discover that it look reddish-brown when she reached home. “So, I bought this green hat at the store today and I brought it home and when I took it out, I was like: ‘Why is this brown?’” she asked.

Responding to people who said that the hat is maroon in colour, Carmen initially shows the hat in maroon colour. She also noted in her post that lighting is important in interiors. Notably, initially the lighting is quite bright in the video and as Carmen moves within the room, the hat appears to be rust in colour. A card attached to the hat, however, is of the same colour throughout the video. Jaw dropping moments await netizens towards the end of the video as the hat’s colour changes to green. The video has been seen almost 6 million times on TikTok.

“For everyone in my stories who said my hat was rust/maroon…you’re right – and also wrong 😂 THIS IS WHY LIGHTING IS SO IMPORTANT IN INTERIORS. Light = Color mah dudes,” wrote Carmen in her Instagram post. The change is colour seems to be due to the use of different lighting in the video.

Watch the video here:

“i’m confused yet entertained at the same time,” commented a user yellowcakeshop. “So wait, is it maroonish in person? Or is it hunter green?!” asked another.

A similar frenzy had ensued in 2015 when the photo of a dress took over the internet. While some saw the dress in black and blue colours, others swore it was white and gold. A consensus was never reached.


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