Medical tracking technology company Sneez shifts focus to internet | Local

Satterwhite also is a pediatrician with Baptist and a former lawyer.

Satterwhite said Sneez has plans to partner with more health-care systems to expand the reach of its tracking maps.

Other products

Another Sneez product line is SneezSafe, which debuted in 2019 as a COVID-19 symptom screening tool for businesses and universities.

Among the early users of SneezSafe were Flow Automotive Cos., Reeb Manufacturing and Great Outdoor Provision Co.

“The data source for Sneez is completely separate from SneezSafe, as Sneez’ data comes directly from health system diagnosis codes,” the company said. “The only thing they have in common is that they are both web-based platforms.

“When we launched SneezSafe, we realized the value of a web-based platform — easy access (no download), versatility, etc.”

In March, Sneez launched a web-based platform — ZwellBeing — that allows behavioral health counselors and other health providers to stay connected with their patients and monitor their wellbeing and progress.

Patients register at the request of a provider. They can receive timely, regular text or email messages that invite them to complete a simple three-to-10 question survey.


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