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💪About Endurance

Women have a higher tolerance for pain (physically) and endurance than men, their bodies also heal faster than men, so women’s endurance is also higher.

The fact is that between two people going to work at the same time, in the afternoon, men tend to rest and relax, while women can still do housework, cook and take care of children. Men may be stronger, but women are more resilient.


Men tend to think logically, and women are more emotional, so women are better than men at remembering dates (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.) , while men are better at calculations and logical reasoning.

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For example, when looking at problems, men approach in a general direction (General), while women focus on details (Detail). This is shown by the fact that when approaching the opposite sex, men often cover up to 3 points: face, chest and buttocks (Body), while women pay attention to details such as eye color, lip color, color leather, shoes, costumes, accessories of the opposite person.

That’s why women can remember exactly your tiny mistake even though decades have passed. The saying “Advantages are long-term memory and cons are tough enemies” could not be more accurate!

Because they are not good at logic and are dominated by emotions, women are said to “cannot distinguish right from wrong”. If you drive on the street, you will have a couple of times when you see the lady in front turn on the left turn signal but turn right or vice versa, so when sitting behind and guiding others, they tend to use use right hand, left hand instead of saying turn left, turn right. In return, women’s brains remember information longer and more accurately than men. No matter how neat or messy the room is, they can still remember where things are kept just like Sherlock Holmes.


Men’s brains are like processing chips (CPUs), only good at single-tasking, that is, do the job, solve it one by one. But women’s brains are like Graphics Cards (GPUs), which can multitask at the same time. Office women can both type at the computer, answer the phone and take accurate notes, even know what colleagues are discussing for lunch today :))

In contrast, men’s brains often focus on processing one thing at a time. If a man is shaving and his wife keeps asking questions next to him, the chances of him being distracted and tearing his face are very high. But thanks to this single-tasking, men are better able to concentrate, while women are more easily distracted by their surroundings.


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