Monkey and toddler snatch phones from each other in viral video. Internet loves it

In the viral video, annoyed by the monkey’s audacity, the brave girl snatches the smartphone back from the puzzled animal.

A viral video on Instagram shows a toddler and a monkey snatching a phone from each other.

Are you tired from a day of hard work and scrolling idly on Instagram for some funny videos? Then look no further because this hilarious banter between a monkey and a baby girl will definitely brighten up your tiresome day. The clip has already made several netizens laugh out loud.

Shared on Instagram, the clip shows a toddler sitting on a cot and inspecting a smartphone. Within seconds, a monkey jumps near the baby girl and snatches the phone from her hands. Annoyed by the monkey’s audacity, the brave girl snatches it back from the puzzled animal. However, the monkey takes it back and holds it tightly in his arms.

Take a look at the funny video:

The video has been liked over 142k times and amassed many comments. People couldn’t stop laughing at the monkey’s funny reaction. Some users also lauded the girl’s bravery.

What are your thoughts on this funny clip?

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