2 New Apps Similar to NapsternetV to Hack 4G

The 4G Hack section on Anonyviet is no longer strange to those of you who have read and followed us. Indeed, a very powerful tool called NapsternetV can help your phone hack 4G easily and quickly. But if you do not want to use it, then in today’s article, I will introduce 2 other software that can replace NapsternetV!

Hack 4G via NapsternetV

If you have read through the article “Create your own VPS Server to Hack Data 4G for free”, then you must have understood the principle of Hack 4G, right. So in this article, I will only briefly talk about the uses of NapsternetV for those of you who have not read the article or just learned about them!

NapsternetV has the function of connecting to a certain server through a connection method and going through SNIs (Server Name Indicators) which are free 4G service gateways of the network operator (typically Livestream2.tv360.vn ). You can download NapsternetV software here


Up to now, NapsternetV is still the software with the most users trust and the highest total rating of all 4G hacking support software due to its stable connection ability. But because NapsternetV sometimes is not compatible with certain machines, it can cause software spikes and lead to software crashes or crashes. And so today I will show you 2 software that can be used instead!

Alternative software NapsternetV to hack 4G

And below, I will introduce 2 alternative and full-featured software like NapsternetV that I have learned.

Note: These are the above software of the CH Play store, so IOS friends, I will guide you separately in another article!


install v2rayNG hack 4g

v2rayNG is one of the best free software used to hack 4G that Chinese people still trust and use to this day. With stable connectivity as well as easy connectivity, v2rayNG can be considered a perfect replacement for NapsternetV. With no ads like NapsternetV and high compatibility, this will be your second choice.

You can download v2rayNG here

Github link of v2rayNG



e-V2ray is also a software that I encourage you to use because of the simplicity of the interface design as well as the connection. Although not as stable as v2rayNG, this is a software if you value connection speed and simplicity in changing file parameters.

You can download the software here

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