Anonymous claims to have hacked the Central Bank of Russia

A Twitter account claiming to be involved in Anonymous activity announced this week that it had hacked the Central Bank of Russia and is planning to make 35,000 documents public within 48 hours. in relation to this bank’s “confidential arrangements”.

The international hacker group Anonymous has declared “cyber war” on Russian President Vladimir Putin in a video shortly after Russia attacked Ukraine a month ago.

Anonymous announced in a video on Twitter in late February: “You will soon feel the wrath of the hackers of the world.

So far, Anonymous says it has carried out numerous cyberattacks on Russia. In an interview with the BBC earlier this week, hackers linked to the group Anonymous said they had hacked Russian state TV channels and briefly interrupted the program to show a video of Ukrainian buildings were bombed. Rostelecom, the Russian company that operates the hacked TV channels, was not immediately available for comment.

While Western countries are implementing sanctions to cut Russia off from international commerce and banking system, Anonymous has cyberattacks on the Bank of Russia.

The group has also threatened that any company still operating in Russia will be subject to a cyber attack. Earlier this month, members affiliated with the group also offered to give the Russian military $52,000 in Bitcoin if they abandoned their tanks on the battlefield.

As the war in Ukraine drags on, so does the war in cyberspace. A group of Polish hackers calling themselves 303 Squadron (named after a squadron of Polish fighter planes during World War II) have built a website that allows people to send SMS messages to phone numbers. Russian random voice to let them know what’s going on in Ukraine. The group claims more than 20 million SMS and WhatsApp messages have been sent through the service.

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