Camtasia 2022 Full – The best screen recording software

This post doesn’t have much content, so I’ll keep it short. Camtasia is the best computer screen recording software available today. The latest version we know is Camtasia 2022 updated in April 2022

Recently, manufacturer TechSmith has just announced Camtasia 2022 version. Launched in mid-2019 with many more advanced features than Camtasia 9 version. This new version completes all the weaknesses of the old version and comes with many new features.

Camtasia 2019 Full Key Active allows anyone to create at a professional level any type of presentation or just a training video. Once launched, the application has the ability to capture any part of the screen (or immediately) after recording what is happening on the desktop into a video file with the quality and format you need. , you can download Camtasia Studio below.

What’s great about Camtasia 2022?

You’re probably asking me that, aren’t you? I will answer you with my own experience. Before Camtasia 2019 Full Key active appeared, I used Camtasia 9 for a very long time.

The downside that I see in Camtasia 9 is that it takes up a lot of computer resources. Low profile computers when running will be very difficult. Inserting many clips and many effects will often appear jerky, very annoying lag.

But on this Camtasia 2019 version, I feel a lot more COFFEE. Nice interface, smooth experience and my device runs very well. Does not take up a lot of resources and the file export speed is very fast. In addition, the manufacturer also updated it with some new features.

New features in Camtasia 2022 Full Key Active

  • Updated library experience. There are many effects and products available for you to choose from.
  • Improved display function, better layout arrangement.
  • Support more Themes.
  • Record video at 60fps (super smooth).
  • Update many more Free features.

If you want to read more details about the new features. Visit TechSmith’s Camtasia 2022 intro page here.

camsatia 2019 full key

Instructions for activating copyright

Camtasia 2019 Full Key

Download Camtasia 2019 at the homepage

How to activate with license key:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Click My Products
  3. Click Register another software keyCamtasia 2022 Full - The best screen recording software 7
  4. Enter one of the Keys below Camtasia 2022 Full - The best screen recording software 8

Key Active TechSmith Camtasia 2019:


Using the Patch:

Download Camtasia 2019 Full Key Active Updated

  1. Install the program, run trial mode and close the software.
  2. Copy the file “RegInfo.ini” to the folder “C:ProgramDataTechSmithCamtasia Studio 19”
  3. Right click on the file Reginfo.ini, select Properties. In the Attributes section, select Read Only. Or see the instructions at the end of the article

Serial Key Camtasia 2018 Full

Camtasia 2018 Full [Link Drive] [Link Fshare]

Remember to readonly for the key (see instructions below)

Serial Key Camtasia 9 Full

Download Camtasia 9 Full

Serial Key Camtasia 2022 Full



Guide to Active License Camtasia 2022

Step 1: Access the path: C:WindowsSystem32driversetc

You open the hosts file with Administrator rights with Notepad

Camtasia 2022 Full - The best screen recording software 9

Step 2: Add the following at the end of the hosts file:

Step 3: You copy the file RegInfo.ini I have attached the installation file, then overwrite the file RegInfo.ini of the software by following the path: C:ProgramDataTechSmithCamtasia Studio 18

Step 4: You right click on the file Reglnfo.iniclick on the box Read Only then press OK

Camtasia 2022 Full - The best screen recording software 10

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