Download Game Hacker Simulator – Play Game and Practice Hacking

Hacker Simulator is an adventure and puzzle game where you will play the role of a real Hacker and perform a network attack mission. In my opinion, this is a kind of learning while playing, because the tasks in the Game are the same as in real life, that is, using real commands to exploit system vulnerabilities.

What’s good about Game Hacker Simulator?

With Hacker Simulator, you will have an exciting immersive experience on the topic of hacking, security, system attack. There is a computer in the game, turn off the lights, close the door and start the machine!

Download Game Hacker Simulator

Typing commands is certainly not boring. You need to use your knowledge to ensure that your hack is the safest. Each successful command will reveal important information that you need to use to complete the next step. Have a handy notebook to jot down what you’ve discovered if required.

The basic tricks to locate Password Wifi don’t take long to get started, and before you know it, you’re doing your first gigs through the Wiscord social app. Log into people’s PCs, steal data, and look for personal information like social security numbers. The hack is done through the “Kiddies Database”. Can you take what you need and leave before you’re discovered?

Hide your information

To keep your business running, you need to stay anonymous often by hiding behind different wifi networks. To do this, you will learn how to use the famous Wifi Hack toolkit called Aircrack-ng!

Using real-life Hacking methods

Game Hacker Simulator

When playing the Hacker Simulator game, you need to have real-life knowledge and apply it to the Game to Hack task-based programs such as Brute Force, Phishing, exploit vulnerabilities …

Don’t let the police catch you

As a Hacker, you need to be anonymous and how not to be caught by the police. You will learn a lot in your adventure, but you will also learn that hacking is not without risk.

The system that you hack into has a monitoring mechanism, Wifi connections can all be exposed, so it requires a lot of attention when playing Hacker Simulator. If you get caught, you lose.

Download Game Hacker Simulator

Currently Hacker Simulator is being sold on Steam for about 220,000 VND, if you do not have money to buy the copyright, you can download the Game below and unzip it to play.

Download Hacker Simulator

If you don’t like to play Games, but want to be a Hacker to make other people flashy, you can read AnonyViet’s series of great articles of Fake Hacker.

System Requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements to play Game Hacker Simulator (PC) – Steam Gift – GLOBAL. Due to possible program changes, the minimum system requirements for Hacker Simulator (PC) – Steam Gift – GLOBAL may change from time to time.

  • Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit or higher
  • Processor: i5-2500 3.30 GHz
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 780 GTX or AMD Radeon R7 260X series or better
  • Hard drive with at least 10 GB of storage left

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