Hacker forum Raidforums.com has been taken over

The world-famous cybercrime forum Raidforums.com was officially seized by the government of a certain country, according to rumors, it could be Russia, after the raid to arrest the REvil cybercriminal gang.

Raidforums.com is one of the biggest hacker forums. Here, members can freely share stolen databases, login information, illegal content and hacking tools and network attacks. Some Hackers also sell the database of some Websites depending on the reputation and value of that company’s content.

However, this forum is most famous for showing off the achievements of Hackers and publicizing the database of vulnerable Websites.

For example: Hacker shared 160 million Zing Raidforums.com accounts in 2018. Or most recently, Hacker shared how to attack the BKAV network.

Currently, the domain and all data of the notorious forum Raidforums.com have been occupied by the authorities, which have not been identified as of which country.

Notice from the Admin of Raidforums “Jaw”

Although there is no official information from the authorities, but an image believed to be the chat chat of Admin Raidforums named Jaw has announced that the forum has been seized. People cannot log in to the forum. Maybe there will be a new domain name rf.to instead.

The world's largest hacker forum Raidforums.com has been seized

Currently, AnonyViet tries to log in to Raidforums but can only stop at the login page, maybe the passwords of all Users have been changed. Continue to try to access the new Domain https://rf.to, error 523 – browser cannot connect. Currently, there is only one channel through the raidforum group chat on Telegram.

error 523 raidforums

Who is behind the Raidforums seizure?

It is not clear whether the raidforum seized is related to the war between Russia and Ukraine or between the Anonymous group and Russia? But the inability to access raidforums at this time raised many speculations about the cause.

It is still not clear which agency is behind this incident, but recently European and Russian authorities have been quite constantly hunting forums about hackers and cybercriminals.

On June 30, 2021authorities managed to seize the web domains, customer logs, and server infrastructure of an encryption service for cybercriminals called DoubleVPN.

On October 5, 2021European law enforcement has caught red-handed a ransomware gang in Ukraine who were behind attacks on more than 100 companies globally.

On January 15, 2022Russia’s top agency FSB (Federal Security Service) not only destroyed the infrastructure of the REvil ransomware gang, but also arrested 14 suspects.

On January 18, 2022 Europe has removed the VPNLab VPN service used for ransomware exploits.

On January 24, 2022, Russian authorities arrested 4 members of the notorious hacking group of the Infraud Organization. This organization is considered the largest cybercriminal group of the dark web after being prosecuted for stealing USD 530 million in various scams.

On February 8, 2022Russian police arrested 4 more cybercrime domains including Trump Dumps, Ferum, SkyFraud card forum and UAS (Ultimate Anonymous Services), an RDP store.

Some Vietnamese databases are shared on Raidforums

In the Database section of Raidforums, there are many databases of companies, corporations and governments in countries around the world that are shared for free here:

Although Raidforums is closed, there may be other forums born. We still need to remember “no system is safe”, arm yourself with knowledge about information safety and system security against cybercriminals.

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