How to buy cheap Microsoft software

Currently, many people have been installing Windows 11 because this new operating system has a beautiful interface with many attractive features. Currently, people often download unofficial versions of Windows 11 from Microsoft, leading to easy attachment of malicious software to steal your personal information or account password. So to be safe, it is best to equip the genuine Microsoft copyright operating system.

Want to buy genuine Windows or Microsoft Office operating system license at a cheap price?

Don’t worry, Keysfan has you covered. Keysfan primarily sells used copyrights, purchased from companies that are no longer in use, and passed on to individuals. Keysfan knows the “history” of each license they sell, so end users can use it without any legal problems. According to the Court of Justice of the European Union, the system of buying and selling old licenses is authorized in Europe so you can trust the service. Therefore, you can license the software at a much cheaper price than buying from the company.

Second, since Keysfan sends you activation information and order invoice via email, with no CD included and no additional costs, this makes for much lower prices and you can get Windows OS and Microsoft Office for a very low price!

Finally, the license you purchase from Keysfan is “for life”: the operating system will be updated and supported by Microsoft for its entire life.

Currently, Keyfan is having a program Special Deal, at a lower than usual discounted price! Windows 11 only $14.61! Buy more save more. Windows 10 as low as $5.77 per PC! Microsoft Office 2021 is only 31.01$. More Microsoft hot software with the lowest price (Windows 11, Office 2019, Office 2016, etc.) Compare official prices and save you lots of money! Save up to 62% on Windows OS and MS Office in this sale!


Microsoft Office and Windows, low market price

Currently, the price of Office 2021 is quite cheap compared to the market, if you buy 5 machines, it is only about $ 14 / license.

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Keysfan is an online store that sells keys for computer operating systems, office software and gaming software to the global market. This website has been around for a few years. Their criteria is that customers come first and bring the best products and services to customers. To improve user experience, Keysfan’s shopping process is simple and easy to operate. After payment, the software activation code and detailed installation instructions will be sent to your Email within a few minutes. And during the installation and use process, users can contact Keysfan’s customer care team at any time if they have questions, Online 24/7 (contact email: If you want to know more about Keysfan, you can not only go to website but you can also check actual reviews by more users in Trustpilot.

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