How to change Mouse pointer color on Windows 10/11

By default, the mouse on Windows will be white and the command prompt is black. If you are too bored with the style and color of the mouse on Windows 10/11, you can change the shape and color of the mouse easily. In this article, I will guide you to change the Mouse pointer color on Windows 10/11 with Windows built-in features.

For many years, Windows has existed with the little white cursor most of us are used to. There are some small improvements like better resolution, new animation styles and an option to adjust the size of the mouse. On Windows 10/11, we have a new feature that is Change mouse pointer color .

Although it sounds normal, some people like to change the color of the Mouse pointer to their liking for various reasons. Another color can increase contrast to make it easier to spot, color blind people may find it useful, or you feng shui match with another mouse color.

How to change Mouse pointer color on Windows 10/11

This is how to change the Mouse pointer color on Windows 10.

First, navigate to menu Start and go to Settings.


Select Ease of Access.

Ease of Access

Then, on the left menu, click Mouse pointer.

Mouse pointer

In the “Change pointer color” section, select Custom.


Then choose a new color for the cursor.

choose color for mouse

You can enter RGB, HSV or HEX values ​​here for more accurate colors. Then press Done.

RGB, HSV or HEX . value

Your mouse pointer now has a different look. The new color will also be applied to other cursor modes such as loading and typing modes. If you’ve changed your mind, you can revert to the default White cursor.

Change the mouse pointer icon

Besides changing the mouse pointer color, you can also change the mouse icon on Windows to a different shape.4

Into the Settings > mouse > Additional mouse options then select dialog Mouse Properties

Additional mouse options

Select Tab Pointer in the Mouse Properties dialog box


In the section Schemeunclick to display a list of mouse shapes.
schemeTo change the pointer icon, select the button Browse you will see a window with a list of Windows cursor icons, select your favorite one and click Open.

Select Apply and OK to apply the new mouse icon.

Select button Use Default to revert your mouse pointer size and color to default settings if you don’t like the new mouse style.

To download beautiful mouse pointer icons, you can refer to the beautiful mouse collection that AnonyViet has shared or download thousands of beautiful mouse pointers at

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