How to install iRemoval PRO – Checkra1n on Windows to Jailbreak iPhone

Just this morning, the author iRemovalRa1n – iRemoval PRO released a version running on Windows, ending the period of having to Jailbreak iPhone on Macbook. This is good news for those of you using Iphone 5s – Iphone X. iRemovalRa1n is written on Checkra1n source code and can be installed and used on Windows to Jailbreak iPhone easily.

iRemoval PRO what?

iRemoval PRO or iRemovalRa1n is a tool renamed from Tool Jailbreak Checkra1n, works on Windows operating system. This tool is developed by ipfdz Team, the same tool has “iRemoval Pro Meid Gsm Bypass Tool”. iRemoval Pro is the first tool on windows to support MEID icloud Bypass with Sim.

Now you can use iRemovalRa1n ie checkra1n on Windows PC directly without using USB boot or virtual machine. You can jailbreak iphone 5s – X running on iOS 12 to 14.8 with this checkra1n. Jailbreak is now easier than ever. Don’t forget to thank the ifpdz team.

Unfortunately, currently iRemoval PRO v5 only supports Jailbreak to iOS 14.8, those who have updated to iOS 15 can wait in the next few days, Tool iRemoval PRO v5.0 will be released and everyone can Download to Jailbreak on all iOS.

Currently iRemoval PRO v5 only supports Windows 8/10 and Windows 11, please wait for additional libraries.

How to install iRemovalRa1n on Windows for Jailbreak

How to install iRemoval PRO v5 is quite simple. There is now an edited leak so you can download the iPhone Jailbreak before the official version is released. Or you can download it at the homepage

Download iRemoval PRO v5

Next you need to download and install the latest iTunes to support the library.

Download Itunes Windows

Next, open Windows Defender and select: Virus & threat protection

Virus & threat protection

Select: Manage settings

How to install iRemoval PRO - Checkra1n on Windows to Jailbreak iPhone 4Choose Off where Real-time protection

Real-time protection off

Now proceed to extract and install iRemoval PRO v5 just downloaded above. Right-click iRemoval PRO v5.exe and select Run as administrator.

run as administrator

Now you connect the iPhone cable that needs to be Jailbroken to the computer, if successful, your iPhone information will be displayed on the screen.

how to jailbreak iRemoval PRO v5

Next, click the Jailbreak button on the right hand side

jailbreak iphone iRemoval PRO windows

If you see an error “detected missing driver”, that’s okay, click Yeschoose OK.

detected missing driver

You reopen Windows Defender, go to the link Virus & threat protection – Virus & threat protection settings -> Manage settings -> Exclusions -> Add or remove exclusions..

add or more exclusion

Click on the + Add an exclusion sign and select Folder

add an exclusion folder

Select the extracted iRemoval PRO v5 folder -> Select Folder

add folder

Now open the iRemoval PRO V5.exe software again -> Jailbreakin the window iRemovalRa1n, you choose Options


Check the box Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions. Then press the button Back out back to the interface.

Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions

Now you press the button Start -> next -> next Let Tool start putting iPhone into DFU Mode on Windows for you. You will then see a message and press Start next.

dfu mode jailbreak iphone windows

Continue to click Start, if you are running and see the error “There was a problem connecting to your device…”, just click OK to skip. Wait for the Checkra1n installation process to complete, please check on the iPhone screen to see if there is a Checkra1n icon.

checkra1n performance

You open Checkra1n on iPhone, select Cydia -> Install Cydia

install cydia

Wait a moment for the installation of Cydia to complete, next, install the necessary tweaks on Cydia.

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