How to instantly receive 200,000 VND from KBank

KBank or Kasikornbank is a new bank in Vietnam, however, this bank was established in 1945 and has been operating for over 70 years in countries around the world. On the occasion of opening the market in Vietnam, KBank is having a program to give away 200,000 VND when opening a new account. And especially, you can withdraw money to another bank to withdraw cash easily.

200k kbank vietnam

What is Kbank?

​Kbank stands for KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited operating in the field of commercial banking, securities and related business activities.

KBank was granted a license to establish a branch in Ho Chi Minh City on January 19, 2021 and this branch will be established in August 2021. KBANK’s head office is located at Sun Wah Building, No. 115 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

How to instantly receive 200,000 VND from KBank

To receive the first 200,000 VND, you need to enter the code 0926139189 when registering for Kbank

Due to the need to promote the brand and find loyal customers, KBank is running a stimulus program to give users up to 200,000 VND for free. Conditions are extremely easy: register a new account.

Just need ID card, mobile phone, you can open an account at KBank and receive 200K into your account.

First on your phone you download the App K Pkus Vietnam (Android | iOS) and use this code when registering: 0926139189

Then proceed to sign up for an account by following these steps:

Enter your phone number:

Enter your current account number 200k kbank

Next you need to enter the referral code: 0926139189 to receive a bonus of 100,000 VND to your account. If you do not enter the code = you will not receive the reward.

kbank's cash register is 200k

Next you will do procedures such as taking a photo of your ID/CCCD, taking facial recognition, and creating a PIN code. Note when entering the home address information section, remember to add the Place of issue, gender … the blanks you remember to add.

After that, a confirmation code will be sent to your phone number and Email. After completing the instructions, to the step of waiting for approval, you will have to wait 2-3 working days for the staff to confirm the information.

kbank credit 200 million

If you find it too long, you can email Kbank directly at to ask them to approve your account quickly. If you complete the above steps, you will receive 100,000 VND into your KBank account.

To continue to receive 100,000 VND Please deposit 200,000 VND into Kbank, then you will receive another 100,000 VND. Now you have 400,000 VND in your account (200K money donated by Kbank, 200K money you deposit into your account), to withdraw money you can transfer 400K account to another bank to withdraw at ATM or pay Online if you like.

So I have guided you to get 200K for free from KBank, also you can earn extra 30K CZK for each new person you refer, invite your friends and relatives to register with your referral code as your phone number, then for each successful registration you will earn an additional 30K, enough for breakfast.

Note: your referred person must be approved by May 6, 2022 to be considered a valid customer.

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