How to unlock Windows with Face ID-like facial recognition

Windows Hello lets you use facial recognition to sign in to your Windows 11 PC. However, not all webcams are compatible with this feature. So in this article, I will answer all your questions about Windows Hello to be able to unlock Windows with facial recognition.

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How Windows Hello works with Webcam

Windows Hello is an alternative to traditional passwords. It is designed to make it more secure and convenient for you to log into your Windows 11 PC by unlocking Windows with facial recognition.

Some of the options included with Windows Hello are biometric, which means they rely on things like your face, fingerprint, or iris scan to sign in. It also includes some non-biometric options, such as a PIN or a USB security key.

Microsoft’s implementation of facial recognition in Windows Hello analyzes near-infrared images of your face to build a description of your features instead of storing your image – then, every time you log in, your PC compares what it sees with the specification.

The fact that it uses near-infrared imaging means that you can’t use most webcams with Windows Hello, you’ll need a webcam with an infrared camera. The Logitech Brio is great if you’re live streaming, meeting, or recording video for your channel – and it supports Windows Hello. Some higher-end laptops have both a regular webcam and an infrared camera, making them fully compatible with Microsoft’s facial recognition feature.

Note: Windows Hello facial recognition does not require you to use a Microsoft account or set up a PIN.

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