How to use Infoooze to search for other people’s information on the Internet

Infoooze is an OSINT tool written in nodejs that helps you quickly find information about anyone. Just enter information such as email, website, ip, username…. The tool will search based on open sources available on the Internet.

Features of Infoooze

  1. Find Instagram account information
  2. Find Subdomain of Website
  3. Ports Scan
  4. Find information related to Username
  5. Find information about eMai
  6. Find Web address information
  7. Analysis of Exif metadata
  8. Whois Lookup
  9. IP Lookup
  10. Header Information
  11. Domai’s age
  12. DNS Lookup
  13. UserAgent Lookup
  14. Find information of Git
  15. Expand URL
  16. Instagram DP View
  17. Save the result to the file txt

You can install Infoooze support on 3 platforms:

Linux Termux (Android) Windows Mac

Infoooze settings

Install NodeJS

Because Infoooze is written in NodeJS, your operating system needs to install this software to run:

Linux: type command

sudo su

Enter the root account password then Enter, then type the command below to install nodejs

apt-get install nodejs

On Kali Linux, the latest version has built-in Nodejs, so you don’t need to install it

Termux: type command

pkg install nodejs-lts python

Install Infoooze on Linux

You can use 1 of 3 ways:

Using NPM:

sudo su
npm install -g -s infoooze

Using GIT:

npm install git+ssh:// -g

Using NPX:

npx infoooze

Install Infoooze on Termux

Install the same as on Linux

npm install -g -s infoooze

Install Infoooze on Windows

First you need to download and install NodeJS on Windows.

Download the file and extract it.

Open the infoooze folder and type the following command:

npm install
node index.js

To delete infoooze you use the command: npm remove infoooze -g

How to use Infoooze to search for other people’s information on the Internet

Infoooze is an OSINT tool, so it will synthesize existing search engines on the Internet to give the most accurate results. To start the tool, use the command:

infoooze [options] [value]

In there:

  • options: is the search type
  • value: input value

Options will include:

Short Form Long Form Function
-n –dnslookup lookup domain name system
-e –headerinfo find website headers
-p –iplookup find IP information
-a –webscan Check if the Web is safe
-m –mailfinder find email with specific name
-t –portscan find the open gate
-x –exif extract Exif metadata from images
-r –userrecon username scout
-w –whoislookup find domain’s whois information
-d –domainAge find the site Age
-S –subdomains find the website’s subdomain
-H –help Output usage information
-g –gitrecon find github user info
-i –instaRecon find Instagram user information
-u –useragent find browser info
-l –urlexpand long url of shortened URL
-v –version see version

Examples of using infoooze

To update the tool:

npm update -g infoooze

View the list of supported commands

infoooze -h

To get Instagram user info:

infoooze -i instagam

To get domain Whois information:

infoooze -w

To get the site’s subdomain:

infoooze -s

To get IP information:

infoooze -p

To enter Infoooze’s Main Menu, type the command infoooze and wait a moment on the screen will launch the menu up.


Next, select the feature to search for about someone, for example, I find information related to a certain username. In the Your Options section: first

Next, enter the username you want to find, I will find the username freelearningtech. And the result will look like this:

osint Infoooze

The place where Results will be saved in is the folder where the results are saved. After the tool has finished scanning, open it to see the Web pages related to the username you just entered.

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