How to use VPS Vultr for beginners

Vultr is considered a big man in the VPS village, surely anyone who has heard of VPS has heard of Vultr. Features low price, high configuration, stable speed, currently most of the small Web sites use Vultr to create VPS. Vultr’s cheapest VPS package is only $ 3.5 / month and has 10 GB SSD, 512MB RAM, 500GB bandwidth, using IPv6 enough for you to perform basic tasks. There is also a basic $5 package of 1G RAM, 1CPU most used by most people.

Vultr has 16 other server locations (Datacenter) around the world, in which Asia has Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korean for high speed to Vietnam. However, currently Vultr only supports installing Linux operating systems.

How to register Vultr VPS get 100$ for free

Depending on the time, when you register for Vultr, you will get an increase in Credit from 50$ – 100$. First you need to access the Vultr link to receive $ 100, enter Email, Password to create an account.

I'm currently having a vultr drill

Next, enter your Visa card information or link to your Paypal account to create an account. If you check the box I just want to link my credit card – $0.00 deposit you will don’t get 100$. You have to Deposit at least 10$ to get 100$ Please,.

How to use VPS Vultr for beginners - Give away 100$ Credit 7

Continue, you visit and link to your Twitter account to receive more 3$ free of charge.

3$ vultr free

So when you create an account you will get maximum 103$ Credit to create and use VPS for 30 days.

How to create the latest Vultr VPS

After creating a Vutr account, the next thing is to choose the type of VPS to create. Select Menu Product -> Deploy Instance or click on the sign + blue

deploy instance

If you are a normal user, then you need to care about 2 packages Cloud Compute and High Frequency, suitable for small sites with low traffic.

create vps vultr get 100$

If in Vietnam, then you should choose Server in Asia, the best speed is Singapore, Japan. I live in Hanoi, so I will choose Tokyo, JP for close. If you only register to create Hack Data 4G Server, you should choose the $ 2.5 package (Location US) of Cloud Compute.

select location japan vultr

Next choose the operating system, since the upcoming CentOS does not need to be developed, we will choose Ubuntu 20.04, the most stable Linux version today.

choose vultr server increased by 100usd

Next, choose the Server configuration, for low-access Web sites, under 5000views/day, choosing the $5 package is reasonable.

server size increase 100usd credit vultr

That’s it, now scroll down and select Deploy Now let Vultr create VPS for you.

How to use VPS Vultr for beginners - Give away 100$ Credit 8

How to manage VPS at Vultr

After Vultr has created the VPS, you will be redirected to the VPS management page, click on the choose Server Details to view VPS information.

how to manage vps vultr

You pay attention to the following 3 parameters to be able to remote into VPS.

  • IP Address
  • Username
  • Password (click on the eye to display Password)

How to use VPS Vultr for beginners - Give away 100$ Credit 9

To configure the VPS, you can use Vultr’s View Console function to view it directly on the Web interface.

view console

More simply, you can use software that can connect SSH to VPS such as: mobaxterm, Winscp, Putty… to remote into VPS and install necessary services.

For example, if I use MobaxTerm, I will do the following:

How to use VPS Vultr for beginners - Give away 100$ Credit 10

Next choose SSH:

  • Remote host: enter VPS IP
  • Check Specify username: enter root
  • Port: 22

ssh vultr

Copy Vultr’s Password, right click for paste (Password will not be displayed on the screen). Then press Enter

enter password vultr

If the login is successful, you will see the Linux command prompt. Now proceed with services such as Webserver, Database… depending on your needs.

SSH vultr interface

AnonyViet has completed instructions on how to register, create and manage VPS on Vultr. In the next article, I will guide you to install the available panel to create a Webserver on Vultr’s VPS. You should quickly register for VPS Vultr because there is a promotion give away 100$ Free, don’t know when it will expire. If you are getting used to VPS, follow this series of AnonyViet

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