Install multiple software with just 1 click on Windows

Every time you install a new Windows, you have to install dozens of different utility software. It will take you quite a while to download and then press the Setup button for each software. So if I say that there is a website that can help you install it with just a few clicks. Let’s find out with us!

Ninite – website to install software with just 1 click

Ninite is an installer and software management system that allows users to automatically install popular applications for the Windows operating system. They allow users to select software and bundle them into a single installer and install them in the default directory. Not only that, Ninite also automatically installs 64bit programs for 64bit windows, and automatically aligns to the language used on your machine and updates them at the application’s home page.

Why use Ninite?

Most of us have installed different types of software on our computers, from movie software, skype chat software, telegram, viber…. Then there are internet browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox. In general, we install each program individually, and although the setup for each program is not complicated, it is a time-consuming task. Ninite – a tool that has been designed to install multiple software at the same time on Windows.

The software is installed from the official websites, make sure you get the latest official versions. Any built-in adware, when downloaded, is ignored and blocked by Ninite, using the option to deselect adware or suspicious extensions during the installation process. Ninite also applies any software updates promptly and efficiently.

Ninite is a comprehensive application installer with the following benefits:

  • Automatically install apps using default settings in default locations.
  • Ignore and uncheck any adware, making sure it avoids installing with the app.
  • Automatically detect 64-bit or 32-bit systems and install the related program.
  • Applications automatically install in the language of the computer.
  • The latest version is always downloaded from their official websites along with any updates.
  • Existing installed applications are ignored unless they need updating and all restart requests are fulfilled.
  • Easy to use and runs the installation once Ninite is downloaded.

Types of software that can be installed at the same time on Windows

  • Browser
  • Document editing/viewing application
  • Social network
  • Security
  • Apps for developers
  • Media player
  • Compression tool
  • System runtimes (runtimes)
  • File sharing application
  • Cloud Storage (Cloud Storage)

Ninite User Manual

Step 1: Access to Ninite here

Ninite homepage

Step 2: Select the software you want to download. I will install Chrome, Python, Vscode, Pu TTy and Teamview!

Select the software to download

Step 3: Scroll down and select Get your Ninite

Select Get your ninja

Step 4: Open the file and run Ninite. At this time, the program will automatically run for you

run Ninite

So you just have to wait and the rest Ninite will automatically install the selected applications. In the meantime, you can go and see more on anonyviet’s homepage! If you can’t install it, you can leave a comment below so I can answer it!

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