Instructions for creating a website to sell 4G Hack File via V2board

You’ve probably heard of a website like datathaga.zyx or something similar once, right? The purpose of these sites is to use its bandwidth traffic to be able to provide you with 4G hack files and sell them for profit. So if you are also someone who has an excess of VPS but you don’t know what to do, this is the guide for you. Right now I will guide you how to sell 4G hacked FIles through V2board!


  • 1 VPS has aaPanel available (you can read the article on how to install aaPanel here)
  • SSH Connector (I use MobaXterm)
  • Does the device use Viettel’s 4G?

Installation Instructions

Install V2board

With this article, it will be the continuation of the aaPanel installation post, so I will also leave the number of steps as the step number of the aaPanel post!

Step 8: Go to the Appstore section > Find the PHP version you installed (For me it’s PHP 7.4) > Select Settings > Select Install Extensions > proceed to install redis and fileinfo

Install extension for PHP

Step 9: Still in PHP, you guys go in disable function and lock yourself the following 4 functions: putenv proc_open pcntl_alarm pcntl_signal

Step 10: you proceed to add a website by going to Website> Add site to create a V2board

Create v2board website

Step 11: You install the following options:

  • Domain name: your domain name. You can see more how to get a free domain name and instructions to point DNS to the server here
  • Database: Please proceed to change to MySQL for me

website information

Step 12: You proceed to save the following information in your notepad

sql information

Step 13: You proceed to delete all files in the document root of the newly created website!

Delete all files

Step 14: You go back to SSH to connect to the VPS and proceed to the path as above in the document root section with the following command

cd cd /www/wwwroot/[tên miền của bạn]

For my example, the command is:

cd /www/wwwroot/

Step 15: Run the command below in your new directory

git clone ./

Step 16: You proceed to run the following .SH file:


Step 17: After V2Board has finished running, run the following command:


Step 18: You enter the Database name of the database that you got in step 12. For mine it will be: sql_4g_wdchocopi

Step 19: You enter the Username of the database that you got in step 12. For mine it will be: sql_4g_wdchocopi

Step 20: You enter the password of the database. Mine would be: cmKRcEbMhMkYwj5s

Step 21: You proceed to create an admin account with the order being asked: email (no need to be real mail) > password

Note: Password for V2board needs 8 characters or more)

My account

Create a V2board account

Step 22: Go to Website > [Website của bạn] > URL Rewrite and copy the following code

location /downloads {

location / {  
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_args$query_string;  

location ~ .*.(js|css)?$
    expires      1h;
    error_log off;
    access_log /dev/null; 

Paste URL Rewrite

Step 23: You choose the SLL section > select all > apply

SSL Regulations

Step 24: Please enable Force HTTPS option

Step 25: You go to the Site Directory section. In the Running directory section, choose /public for yourself.

Set Directory for site

Step 26: You go to the Document root file and return to the www file with the toolbar at the top.

Go to the file www

Step 27: at wwwroot, select PMSN

Adjust the file's perms

Step 28: Please change the file permissions to www (default is root)

Change folder permissions

Step 29: You select Cron on the toolbar and fill in the information:

  • Name of task: You can leave whatever name you want
  • Execution cycle: You give yourself N minutes: 1 minute
  • Script content: php /www/wwwroot/[thay tên miền của bạn vào]/artisan schedule:run

Fill in Cron information

Step 30: You go to your website with the domain name registered at first and proceed to login. Mine will be

Step 31: Go back to aaPanel and go to Appstore > Find and download PM2 Manager

Download PM2 manager

Setup guide Sell 4G hack file

Step 32: You go to the admin page of V2Board with the following address: [tên miền]/admin and proceed to login with the provided account

Step 33: you go to (you can see below picture) and create a group

create rights

Step 34: You go to 节点管理 (you can see in the picture for ease) and select the “+” sign. After choosing, you choose the connection software

Create configuration

Step 35: Please fill in the information as shown!


Step 36: Above the Websocket there is a green text, please click and copy the code below


Step 37: Go back to the SSH section, go back out of the /www directory with the following command


Step 38: You proceed to run the command below to install XRayR

bash <(curl -Ls

Step 39: You change the config file with the command below

nano /etc/XrayR/config.yml

And make the following change

  • PanelType series : Web style name (e.g. V2board, SSpanel, first letter in uppercase)
  • ApiHost Series : Web address you want to link (eg
  • ApiKey Series : key of the web (get it on the web admin / system configuration / server communication key) (this part, you go through and set the APIKey yourself on the V2board admin!)
  • NodeID Series : server ID (get on web admin / Manage node / node ID name)
  • certdomain line : IP of the server you want to post on the web

Step 40: You run the following command to start XrayR

xrayr start

And you go back to your admin page and check. If you see a yellow light as shown below, it’s successful!

Check if the server is running or not

At this point, you just need to set the price and you’re done! Wish you success with V2board and run the hack file successfully!

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